Welcome To JSPM Engineering Pvt. ltd.

Creating a better customer experience wherever, and however

  • JSPM Engineering Pvt Ltd was established in Jan 2017 and has served engineering customers since then by forcusing on quality and delivery time.
  • Lead by Mr. Sachin Jadhav,JSPM Engineering has establishing its reputation as one of the top suppliers of Precision Machined componets.
  • Our 7500 sq.ft. manufacturing facilities are equipped to cater our customer's specific manufacturing requirements.
  • We understand our customers need ofr quality which is why we place a precedent on delivering each project in compliance with individual customer standards.
  • We use our experience and reliability to supply many industry sectors including
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Electonics Industry
  • Consumer & Machinery
  • And many more !

Who We Are?

JSPM Engineering Pvt Ltd Plants are operating in Chakan Pune. Our facilities have sophisticated machinery & fabrication to supporting customers product with flexibility & Low-Cost Manufacturing Country “INDIA”.

What We Do?

In the exceedingly dynamic high-tech precision machining industry, it is critical for us to extend the best-in-class engineering and manufacturing services. We have the tools and the capability to machine the most complicated parts and components.

Why Choose Us?

With our assembly and plating capability under one roof, the post-production engineering services can shorten the total component production process drastically. Working collaboratively with our customers allow us to provide cost-effective solutions to complex engineering requirements.